Our Business
Plastic materials

As the largest filler masterbatch manufacturer worldwide, EuP Group takes pride in delivering various material solultions including filler masterbatch, color masterbatch, compound, additives, and bio-compound (BiONext) to thousands of factories in over 85 countries for cost optimization and competitiveness advancement.

Interiors & exteriors materials

EuP Group offers modern material solutions to interior and exteriors, such as wood plastic composite (WPC), SPC plastic flooring, marble stone,... to enhance functions and aestheticity of buildings.

Green energy
Solar power, wind energy and other renewable energy sources have been strongly invested and developed at EuP Group to improve the life quality and towards a sustainable future.

EuP Group has turned the natural resources into strategic raw materials, such as limestone, marble... for serveral key industries.

Possessing a partner network of 25 international shipping lines and 12,000 forwarders in more than 1,000 ports and cities, EuP Group is proud to be a reputable logistics service provider in the region and around the world.
Industrial real estate
Owning two industrial parks in Nghe An and Yen Bai with a total area of 235 hectares, EuP Group provides modern industrial infrastructure systems of international standards, focusing on investing industrial real estates to serve plastic and metal businesses, chemical industries,... 
EuP Group focuses on two primary areas: Mobile application and game development, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) development. With passion and unremitting efforts, EuP Group has achieved impressive milestones in each field.