The No. 1 position in the Filler Masterbatch field has opened up several opportunities for EuP to invest in multiple industries and continuing to deeply conquer the international market, thus creating a sustainably prosperous life.
Plastic Materials
As the largest filler masterbatch manufacturer worldwide, EuP Group is proud of delivering various material solutions including filler masterbatch, color masterbatch, compound, additives, and bio-compound (BiONext) to thousands of factories in over 95 countries, thus helping them optimize cost and advance their competitiveness. 
Mining Industry
EuP Group has turned the natural resources advantage into strategic materials, such as limestone, marble,... for several key industries.
Facades Materials
EuP Group offers modern material solutions to interiors and exteriors, such as marble stone, SPC plastic flooring, wood plastic composite (WPC) to enhance functions and aestheticity of buildings.
Green Energy
Solar energy, wind power and various renewable sources have been strongly invested and developed at EuP Group to enhance life quality and towards a sustainable future.
Mr. Hoang Quoc Huy
Chairman of EuP Group