Continuing to increase rankings at VNR500 2022 - EuP maintains its position as the world's largest filler masterbatch manufacturer
EuP VNR500 2022

Founded in 2007, up to now, EuP has constituted many proud achievements to become a prominent name in the plastic materials market and maintain its position as the world's largest Filler masterbatch manufacturer. Being aware of our responsibilities, EuP constantly strives to improve, innovate and create more outstanding products/services.

2022 was a memorable milestone to us. Coming back strongly after the pandemic, EuP showed an amazing transformation with quality products and services, meeting the needs of thousands of domestic and international customers. 2022 marks the 15th year anniversary of EuP's establishment and development on the journey to contribute good values to the community. 2022 is even more special when we participated in K-Fair 2022 - the world's largest trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry. This is an opportunity for us to meet and introduce our products to international friends.

Taking a further step, our 2022 ended brilliantly with awards from VNR500. This is the 8th consecutive time that EuP has appeared in the rankings and witnessed a recorded growth.

EuP VNR500 2022

VNR500 is an award honoring the Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam jointly built by Vietnam Report and Vietnamnet online newspaper. Since the first year of being in the VNR500 ranking, EuP has steadily recorded growth in rankings over the years, even during the Covid-19 epidemic period (2020 - 2021).


In terms of rankings, EuP showed its strong breakthroughs. We were proud to be ranked 182/500 (up 17 places) in the Vietnamese Largest Private Enterprise Division and 312/500 (up 41 places) in the Vietnamese Largest Enterprise Division. The award is not only a recognition for a development journey but also a motivation for EuP on the way to bring good core values to the community.


Currently, many plastic manufacturers in over 80 countries and territories have been importing masterbatch products from Europlas, Polyfill, Abbey, etc. EuP's credibility comes from effective solutions, quality raw materials, helpful advice, professional service of our staff, and all-round vision from the board of directors. Hopefully, the coming 2023 will be a year of more breakthroughs and success for each individual and the whole company!